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Wish Promo Codes 2020

ATTENTION: Wish has stoped its online services due to the the growing spread of COVID-19. We will update you when the services start again. Furthermore, we will also provide new Wish promo codes & Wish discount codes.

Wish Promo Code e-commerce is a San Francisco-based company. This company was founded in 2010 by Peter Zulzewski (CEO) Danny Zhang (Deputy CEO). Both of them have worked as a pre-programmer in Google and Yahoo in 2017. Its HQ is in San Francisco, (US). Whose subsidiary companies are Wish Outlet and Wish Express. Prior registration is required to join this site.

Which is about 900 people work. In the year 2017, about 100 million people have been involved in this via iOS and Android platforms. Its work is to maintain the shopping mall experience in mobile. has become a major commercial platform in every corner of the world. In 2014, Wish has been chosen as one of the best app by “Google”, the world’s best search engine.

Wish works like eBay, in which small businessmen sell their items through wish. In this, producers are able to direct their goods directly to the consumers with the help of no arbitrators. Furthermore, in the year 2017, the Wish store created Wish Outlet and Wish Express. In which the manufacturer sells its goods at the price shown in the outlet and reduced shipping time through express.

Insiders in the Wish Company reported at the end of 2015 that Amazon and Alibaba had offered for the acquisition of Wish Company for 10 billion dollars. But Wish refused to accept the offer, assuming that Wish reduced its startup can start with at least $ 100 billion. is known as the biggest advertiser on Facebook, which spends almost $ 100 million every year. And in the United States in 2017, the most downloaded app has become. With 32 million downloads from Amazon’s 29 million downloads on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Wish Coupons and Promo Codes for Existing Customers 

wish discount codes

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Wish Promo Codes for Existing Customers

We are going to mention the best working wish promo codes for existing customers below. We have put them all together inside a table along with their description.

Wish Promo Code Discount
20OFF  Wish Promo Code gives 20% discount
FREESHIP  Claim given wish code to get free shipping
SHIPONE Get a flat shipping of $1
WISHENJOY Enjoy shopping by claiming wish promo code for 50% discount
SHOPHOT Shop more with wish discount code for 80% offer
GETONE Buy something using this code and get a surprise gift
2020WISH Get 20% off on wish shopping cart
OFFER10 Another wish promo code for 10% discount
Fifty50 Here is a promo code wish for 50% discount

Subsidiary Companies:

Wish has grew to be one of the biggest on stores in the world. But along with the online store they also have many other companies. you will know more about them below: 

Wish Outlet: 

Wish Store added a Wish Outlet to her so that the manufacturer who wants to sell its item but cannot find the correct price. Then sell the name-brand item below the retail price suggested by the manufacturer. So that the manufacturer find the right value of his item, along with the consumer also get the item of his choice at the right price.

Wish Express: 

The Wish Store manufacturer’s product reached its consumers, but sometimes consumers had to face difficulties due to the lack of access to the consumer needs. Considering their weaknesses. also included Wish Express in his store, whose job is to provide faster shipping. Furthermore, Wish Express provides the convenience of manufacturers to deliver the goods in a very short period of time.

Wish Products:

promo code wish 2019

Furthermore, Wish is an e-Commerce platform that lets users shop millions of products at deep discounts on their mobile phone. We have over 500 million users across the world, from Russia to Brazil to the United States to the far corners of the globe, and they love our product. products include apparel manufacturers’ electronics, beauty, children and household products.

Speaking of special products, they come with electronics, home decoration and personal care products. Furthermore, also offers the convenience of outlet to its businessman in which the trader overstock his luggage in the Wish Company and sells his name in the brand and facilitates fast shipping.

If you have requested to buy any item and for any reason no item has been reached, then you can request a refund within 30 days of the most recent approximate date of delivery. You can cancel an order within 8 hours of the time of cancellation. Cancellation can be credited with the Wish Cash on the same day. If you find an item that is damaged, you can cancel the item you ordered and you are eligible for a refund.

After 8 hours of ordering, special refund requests will not be considered, unless the latest estimated arrival date has passed or the item has not come and it is wrong or damaged.

If you want to sell any item and it is not sold anywhere, then you can put the details of your item on So that the Wish Company’s consumer can purchase the item which they like. In this one, you get a chance to sell your item, and the consumer gets the item of his choice as well.


Startup has increased funding by many large-scale venture capital firms such as DST (Department of Science and Technology) Global, Founders Fund, GGV Capital, Temasek and Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures by $ 1 billion.


Wish Promo Codes for Free shipping

When shopping with desire, you pay the shipping fee for each item. The amount may vary according to the supplier. You get the shipping fee for your order on a shopping cart or product page.

Although usually within 1-2 days delivery is delivered, but sometimes the shipping time varies depending on the different stores. By which, delivery takes longer than 1-2 days. To see your order for you, see your order history and “Where is my package?” Choose. You can also track delivery of your package for more information. From which you can locate the status of your package.

Change shipping Address: 

Many consumers have questions about whether they can change their shipping address? So I would like to let them know that yes you can change your shipping address. For which you have to go to your shopping cart and change your shipping address.

If your order was placed in the first 8 hours and your order has been sent but you want to send your order to another address, you can go to your order history and click on “Change shipping address”.

Some people also want to know where their chosen order comes from? So I would like to tell them that Wish promo codes is a global platform that connects customers from shops around the world.

Returns and Refunds: 

If you want to refund your item, for your information, I would like to inform that all items can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

To return an item, you must contact the Wish customer support or the Wish Customer Support on the Web and follow the related prompts. Please note that shipping order for all orders; please review our return policy for more information.

If your order has reached you then you can print the shipping label sent to your email. After that you pack your item safely and attach the shipping label at the top of your package. Ship your package at the post office. You will receive your refund after receiving the return package.

Note that a shipping label is provided on a per-item basis. If you need to return more than one item, please follow the return process for each item under your order history and take advantage of the convenience of returning your item.

Methods of Payment & Pricing:

Wish accept payment through multiple payment providers from their customers

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus and Maestro

Google Wallet (Android Pay)

Fat salary



EBANX (credit card, boleto, OXXO)


For your information, let us know that we cannot accept payment for cash, bank transfer, or installments. Please note that the list of the above payment methods can change depending on which country you are in. Whichever platforms you are using, and whether all payments have been made in US Dollars or not.

Wish shows the price of the item itself in your local currency.

Currency of change

If your credit card is used for payment in foreign currency, then most banks will allow you to pay. For this you can check your bank account whether the bank provides you with an international payment facility. collects no payment for customs, taxes, VAT, currency conversion rates, or any other fees, and cannot reimburse any additional fees. Such as:


We recommend that you contact your local customs office if you have any doubts or questions about whether your item will be allowed in your country.

Post Office:

We cannot guarantee that your local office will charge you for the products you order.

If you are not satisfied with the above information, you can contact your local post for more information.


We do not charge for VAT and cannot charge any fees in your country.

Currency conversion:

Although all goods are displayed in the currency of your country, each transaction is taken under the US dollar.

Wish Cash and Gift Card Policy:

 I wish to reward the Wish Cash in some circumstances, when a customer is unhappy with the purchase. In the US, some users can purchase special cash from real-world money, through the applicable service provider (e.g., payearearme).

If you have Wish cash in your account, it will automatically apply to your next purchase.

Wish Cash cannot be used:

When you are using Real World Money, you cannot use the wish cash.

Wish cash also redeemed in a separate reference application does not apply to it either.

This cannot be implemented if you want to give your unique cash from one user to another.


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