Uber Promo Codes For Existing Customers

Uber Promo Code and Uber Coupon

Uber Promo Code reddit: Uber an American Multinational company that provides world-class transportation facilities. These are the companies which are also known as Transport Network Company (TNC). Furthermore, Uber works on websites ( and mobile apps, on which platform it is accessed. 

Uber Promo Code for Existing Users

Uber is one of the biggest taxi service in the world. With Uber, your taxi is just one click away, wherever you are whenever you want. And Ueber promo  codes are like icing on top of the cake. You can get huge discounts on your taxi rides by using these uber discount codes. Below is the list of these uber promo codes that works. 

UBER20 :  Whoever uses this uber coupon code gets a 20% rebate on their tai charges. This is valid and currently highly in demand.

10OFF : When you want to go on Uber, use this code before that ride and get $10 discount. It provides $5 discount on the next two rides after the application of this uber promo code.

OFFERDAY : Get a free ride by just claiming this uber promo code on your app. Just copy this code and put it in the claim promo code box and hit the button. Congratulations, you have now unlocked a free ride by using this code.

GETTEXI :  Well if you want 50% discount on your ride then you must claim given Uber promo code for existing customers. But here is the deal, it only gives discount when the ride costs more than $20. So use it when you are planning to go for a long ride.

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WEEKENDFUN : Everyone likes to enjoy the weekend by partying and boozing. But it is dangerous to drink and drive. So call up a taxi and go home safely. But wait do not forget to use this uber discount code before ordering the cab. This code gives $5 free credit which you can use on the taxi.

COOLTRIP: Make a cool trip around the city with your friends Apply the promo code for uber and get a $10 free credit useable on the next 5 rides. This credit is used as $2 for next 5 rides. So, you will not be able to use it in one go.

Furthermore, Uber offers many services like ride service hailing, food delivery, bicycle-sharing system, food delivery and peer-to-peer ridesharing.  Uber’s headquarter is in San Francisco, California, United States. It provides services in 173 countries and 785 metropolitan areas globally.

            There is an important role of people in every field who provide our best service for providing excellent value and service. Some successful people have come to connect Uber’s services with every field. So it’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Dara Khosrowshahi, Chairman is Ronald Sugar, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Nelson Chai. And Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Barney Harford and Marketing Director is Rebecca Messina. Furthermore, Chief Product Officer (CPO) is Manik Gupta and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is Thuan Pham and Chief Legal Officer (CLO) is Tony West.

Uber’s Partners and Sharing:

There is a lot of collaborative support for Uber and sharing partners globally:

Garrett Camp (6.0% sharing)

Alphabet Inc (5.2% sharing)

Ryan Graves (2.4% sharing)

Softbank Group (16.3% sharing)

Travis Kalanic (8.6% sharing)

Benchmark Capital Partners (11.0% sharing)

Public investment fund of Saudi Arabia (5.4% sharing)


 Uber’s headquarter at San Francisco, California, US. Looking at the rapid growth of Uber today, Uber has more than 22,200 employees globally.  Furthermore, the base of Uber Eats is in San Francisco, California. And Jump Bikes is an electric bicycle and dock less scooter sharing system operating in the United States, Portugal and Germany.

At the time of New Year, Garrett Camp went for a stroll with his friends and he kept a private driver in $800. But at the time, he was looking for such an idea that he would get transport facilities at a lower cost. And then he adopted his method with the discovery of Uber. Garrett Camp added Travis Kalanick to his idea and discovered Uber.

Moreover, the initial work of the company, the company included nuclear physicist, a computational neuroscientist and a machinery expert. They worked on the prediction of demand for private rental car drivers. Due to this the demand for Uber was the highest today. After complaints of San Francisco taxi operators in 2011, the company changed its name from UberCab to Uber.


In the beginning of 2013, this service was operating in 35 cities. The rates of UberX were similar to taxis and were 35% cheaper than BLACK Luxury Car. Rates were quickly reduced; there was some dissatisfaction with Uber BLACK Luxury Car. And taxi drivers, whose earnings reduced as a result of increased competition at lower rates.

            In August 2014, Uber launched the food delivery service “Uber Eats” and carpooling service “UberPOOL” in San Francisco. So In August 2017, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Expedia Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi became the CEO of Uber. Who led $11 Million investment in peer-to-peer transportation network company “Wingz”. They provides private, scheduled, and fixed-price rides.

In February 2018, Uber added its operations in Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Belarus to Yandex Taxi and Enterprises. Uber invested $225 million in it. So in March 2018, Uber merged its services with Grab in South East Asia, instead of 27.5% of ownership stake in Grab.

Main Products:

  • Riding with Uber
  • Driving with Uber
  • UberEats

Riding with Uber: 

Before riding Uber, let me tell you that Uber before customers can ride a ride or request a ride. Uber used the Dynamic Pricing model before starting this process so that the demand for a ride on the same route remains the same. And at the end of the ride, the payment method is already ensured by the customers, which is paid on the completion of the ride.

 When the rider goes to some places, the driver has to wait more than a few minutes after reaching the pickup location. Then the driver is charged wait fee from passengers.

Driving with Uber: 

If you drive your car then Uber gives you the best chance in which you can drive by car. You will get this opportunity with Uber’s Product Driving with Uber. Most Uber drivers use their cars, although drivers can hire a car to drive with Uber. Uber offers car rental. Like big cities such as Chicago and New York, Uber drivers have a partnership to lease electric cars.

For which Uber driver needs to be healthy, the car is fit, he has a valid driving license, a Smartphone or a tablet, and the driver does not have a criminal record.  Some cities also require Uber drivers to have a business license. In many cities, vehicles used by Uber drivers must pass annual safety inspections. Driving with Uber drivers in Uber is considered as independent contractor and not the employee. This has made it a matter of lawsuits in many jurisdictions.


  UberEats is a subsidiary company of Uber, which provides online food ordering service, whose inventor is Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. It’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dara Khosrowshahi. Headquarter of UberEats in San Francisco, California, US. In which the user can order food items of his choice at home through a mobile app or UberEats site ( By applying Deals, you can get more items at work price.

So what’s the matter of late, pick up the phone quickly and enjoy the best of Uber’s services.

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